Toy Soldiers, will you follow?
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Attention Trenchers! With one tour finished, another is quickly approaching. The tour bug is stirring in all of us. With this bug comes the desire to unite with others of our kind - those who are fortunate enough to attend the same show as us. Why don’t we have an alternative to sending out a post seeking a show friend on a wish and a prayer, hoping that somehow fate will connect us to one another?

We aim to change that here. Our objective is to create a manifest of fellow Tumblr Trenchers who are going (or have been) to shows, so that we all have quick and easy access to our show friends. While looking into the future is our primary goal, we believe it could also be beneficial to have a manifest of those who attended shows already past. Maybe you met someone who mentioned they also had a Tumblr, but you forgot their URL. This could be your place to try to reconnect with them. Maybe you just want someone to relive a certain show with through stories. This could be your place as well.

All URLs listed will be done so at the URL owner’s request. We are not going to search through the tags and add anyone mentioning attending a specific tour date. Participation in this census is completely voluntary and can be opted out of at any time.

How to participate:

  • Message us (off anon) with the date and location of the show you’re going to. (Or have already attended.) If you would like to, do feel free to include whether or not you have a VIP package. We will indicate that when we list your URL under your show.
  • At times we may throw out a post specifying a date and asking those who are not listed to like the post if they want to be added to it. If you would like to include the fact that you have a VIP package, simply reply to that post saying so, or message us instead.

It’s that simple!

Please spread the word around, so we can get as many people involved as we can. We would love to connect people to show friends!

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